I’m moving on…

Today marks the official end of Necropolis Macabre, mainly due to two things: not having as much time to dedicate to a site as I used to have, and frankly getting very little in the way of views and visitors.  To those who did visit and read my reviews, I appreciate you taking the time to read my thoughts on everything I watched and read.

However, all that being said, my days of reviewing aren’t quite done.  If you follow me on Twitter @DiggingTooDeep, you can stay updated on where my new reviewing path takes me.  I’ll be keeping this site up for as long as the url is running, which will end sometime later in the year.  So for now, may you all rest in peace.

The Boy (2016): A Macabre Review.

The BoyStarring Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans, James Russell

Directed by William Brent Bell

So a show of hands: who reading this like creepy-ass dolls? I know I’m not a big fan of them. I’m not outright scared of them per se, but certain ones do creep me out some. That’s probably why when I hear about a movie involving a creepy doll, I’m generally eager to check it out.  Which brings us to The Boy, a movie with a trailer I only watched a couple of days before seeing the movie in theater. Continue reading

Memphis Hoodoo Murders (2015): Gravedigger’s Book Report.

Memphis Hoodoo MurdersWritten by Kathryn Rogers

Published by Sartoris Literary Group

I’ve been doing an awful lot of reading lately, as it’s been quite a while since I’ve done so.  One of those books being the one I’m about to talk about today, Memphis Hoodoo Murders.  My thanks go out to Kelsey at Book Publicity Services and Kathryn Rogers for the copy of her debut novel.

The story revolves around Addie Jackson, a twenty-year old college student who has spent much of her life living with, and taking care of, her grandparents Louie and June Jackson.  The book is written in the first-person perspective of Addie, so you’ll be better off knowing the grandparents as Grandma and Pop.  The family have a history of being on the bad side of people, and after being attacked by the local gang The Skullbangerz, Addie herself is now not safe.  When Addie is told by the gang leader that he wants her grandma’s ring, this adds on to the already swirling mystery surrounding the senior Jacksons.  Continue reading

“The Orange Man” Now Available From LeglessCorpse Films

The Orange ManThe Orange Man is now available from LeglessCorpsefilms.com in a limited edition Blu-Ray (numbered to 100) and standard edition DVD


In 1987, Peter Walkins, a disgruntled door-to-door orange salesman brutally kills his first victim. Twenty-seven years later, land developer Gerald Johnson is acquiring an orange grove. Just served with divorce papers, he convinces his friends Wilbur, Reggie and Jimmyto join him on a fishing trip to clear his mind and finalize his business transaction.  Unbeknownst to Gerald, his soon-to-be  ex-wife Deborah and her boyfriend Roger will be vacationing in the same location.

The following day, the group arrives at a quaint ans secluded cabin.  It’s not long before strange noises in the night start to get the attention of Reggie, Gerald’s wheelchair-bound friend and the only one with any common sense.  Gerald, thinking it’s nothing, brushes his friend’s concern aside.  Soon, Reggie’s fears are confirmed when he catches a glimpse of the “Orange Man” while fishing.  As the plot thickens, the Orange Man slowly and methodically begins picking them off one by one, utilizing his prosthetic hook hand and a sack or oranges.  The Orange Man wants everyone to have a taste.

The Orange Man was written and directed by Stephen Folker.  Click here to see the trailer.

Arrow Video Releases “Deep Red” on Blu-Ray January 25, 2016.

Deep Red

When was the last time you were really scared? From Dario Argento, maestro of the macabre and the man behind some of the greatest excursions in Italian horror (Suspiria, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage), Arrow Video is thrilled to announce the release of this iconic film Deep Red, considered by many as the ultimate giallo movie.  Limited to 5,000 copies, this exclusive 3-disc release offers up a stunning new 4k transfer of both the international cut (105 mins) and the Director’s cut (127 mins). Continue reading

The Shed (2015): Short Reviews for Short Films.

The ShedStarring Daniel Button, Heather Higginbotham, R. Daniel Long

Directed by Scott Dawson and David Sherbrook

Today I’m starting a new segment called “Short Reviews for Short Films”, which is pretty self-explanatory. For my first review I watched the short film The Shed, from Infested Films honchos Scott Dawson and David Sherbrook.  For those of you who might have missed it, these two gentlemen, along with Sean Canfield, also directed the horror anthology Dead on Appraisal, which I had previously reviewed some time back.  Feel free to click here if you missed that one.  Right now though, let’s talk some about The Shed. Continue reading

Necropolis News: Filming wraps on Brian Keene produced Christmas horror “I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday”.

I'm Dreaming of a White DoomsdayFrom Grandmaster Award winning author Brian Keene comes a disturbing post-apocalyptic Christmas horror story.

Brian Keene, bestselling author of such notable novels as The Rising, Ghoul, and Castaways, has teamed up as executive producer frequent collaborator, writer/director Mike Lombardo (The Stall, Long Pig) of Reel Splatter Productions on the post-apocalyptic Christmas horror story I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday. Continue reading

Necropolis News: “Blood Rage” 3-Disc Blu-Ray and DVD Release 23 November, 2015.

Arrow Films


Arrow Video is thrilled to announce the release of an almost-forgotten retro 80 slasher flick Blood Rage, presented here for the first time as a brand new 2K restoration of the “hard” home video version. Continue reading