Necropolis Macabre Presents: The Halloween Retrospective Part 2


Well, here we are again.  Back when I was growing up on horror, the concept of watching horror series in order didn’t seem to be such an important detail.  I was just a kid who wanted to watch horror movies, period.  Halloween 2 wasn’t a movie I watched right away.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I watched part 4, part 5, and part 3 in that order before I even got around to watching part 2.  And it’s only been in the last year that I’ve actually gotten around to watching Halloween 2 again.  Being that I barely remembered what happened in it, it was almost like watching it again for the first time.  And today I’m going to review it with a (slightly) more mature mind and let you know what I think about it.

Halloween 2 takes place immediately after it’s predecessor.  Well, to be more accurate, the first three minutes are spent showing the end of the first Halloween before continuing the story.  Michael managed to shrug off being shot 6 times and escapes before Doctor Loomis makes his way out of the house.  Loomis searches the neighborhood in search of Michael, while Michael wastes little time in stealing a knife from a home to recommence his killing ways.


Methods of stopping suspected murderers were more extreme in the 80s.

While all that’s happening, Laurie Strode is being taken to hospital, exhausted and hurt.  While she’s there she befriends Jimmy, one of the paramedics who brought her in.  Jimmy quickly develops a thing for Laurie and tries to sneak in as much visiting time as he can get.  Before long, Michael makes it to the hospital and starts killing off the staff while searching for Laurie.  Before the movie ends, we find out the connection between Laurie and Michael as well.  Will Michael finish what he started with a weakened Laurie, or will Doctor Loomis make it to the hospital in time to save her for a second time?

Halloween 2 is a good time, despite it’s flaws.  It ended the Michael Myers story satisfactorily in my opinion (until the all-powerful influence of money brought him back in H4).  Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence held it down once again with solid performances, while the rest  of the cast didn’t really stand out, nor were they terrible.  We get to see Sheriff Brackett for a short time, as well as the body of Laurie’s friend Annie (take note of Annie’s eyelids moving before her face is covered).


If anyone can get away with bringing a knife to a gun fight, it’s Michael Myers!

There are a couple of noticeable differences between Halloween 1 and 2.  First the music.  While I found the new versions of the music to be ok, I didn’t think it was as good as the original.  To me there’s something about the simple use of a piano that makes it much more satisfying than using synthetic sounds.  Also there is a lot more gore in the sequel, which I personally didn’t mind, but one of Halloween‘s charms was its lack of blood and gore.  There’s nothing wrong with that sort of thing obviously, but you gotta be careful not to sacrifice too much tension and suspense in favor of seeing more gore.

And there were a couple of issues I had in certain parts.  For example, that hospital was WAY too understaffed in my opinion.  And yet despite that, I still wasn’t digging how Michael was just wandering about without anybody seeing him.  Until it was too late of course.  And with the ease of Michael walking throughout the hospital, I have a little trouble believing he couldn’t find and kill Laurie in her condition.

But those are issues that can be forgiven in favor of enjoying the movie.  While it doesn’t exactly measure up to the first Halloween, it is still a fun watch and, as it was supposed to be the last movie with Michael Myers, had an ending that would have clued things up had it been left alone.  Stay tuned for Part 3, where  I talk about the black sheep of the series.  Rest in peace.

Macabre Rating: 4 out of 5 tombstones

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