New Year’s Evil (1980): A Macabre Review.

New Year's Evil Poster

Another year has come and gone, and what better way to end 2013 with a movie fitting the occasion.  This time I go way back to 1980 with New Year’s EvilNYE marked the directorial debut of Emmett Alston, who later went on to direct such gems as Demonwarp, and a number of ninja-themed movies.  His last directing effort was in 1990, and he really hasn’t done a whole lot since.  So let’s get into my pick for the last review of 2013, and see what I’ve gotten myself into. Continue reading

Santa’s Slay (2005): A Macabre Review.

Santa's Slay Poster

And we’re back.  it’s time for another holiday fear-fest with the 2005 movie Santa’s Slay.  Well, maybe fear-fest isn’t the right way to put it.  After all, the movie isn’t scary whatsoever, it’s really more of a comedy-horror.  But is it good enough to be a part of one’s holiday viewing?  Let’s find out. Continue reading

Infinite Santa 8000 (2013): A Macabre Review.

Infinite Santa 8000 Poster

Greetings my scary sycophants.  Today I’m taking a look at a movie I debated reviewing, mainly because it’s not exactly scary, and not something I define as horror.  While there are some horror elements in it, it’s really more of a post-apocalyptic action-fest.  However, given that it has at least something to do with Christmas, I decided to go ahead and review it anyway.  Let’s begin. Continue reading

13/13/13 (2013): A Macabre Review.

13/13/13 Poster

13/13/13, directed by James Cullen Bressack, is a movie that has been on my “to watch” list for some time, ever since seeing that it was on Netflix.  But like so many movies I intend to watch, something always managed to prevent me from getting around to it.  But then I noticed a sudden wave of talk about it on Twitter.  So I decided to move it up in my movie priority list, just to see what all the talk is about. Continue reading

Necropolis News: BIG BAD WOLVES – Check out the official poster!

Check out the official poster for Big Bad Wolves exclusively on The Playlist: Continue reading

Here Comes The Devil (2013): A Macabre Review.

Here Comes The Devil Poster

Well, after a brief hiatus it’s time once again to dive into some horror.  Today it’s Here Comes The Devil, directed by Adrian Garcia Bogliano and filmed in Mexico.  It’s set to be released in theater and On Demand/iTunes December 13th, but is it worth your time and money?  Let’s find out. Continue reading