Night of the Naked Dead (2013): A Macabre Review

Night of the Naked Dead

Greetings once again.  Here we have a movie I’ve hesitated to watch, mainly because of the title.  But I knew I had to do it sooner or later, and so I made it my goal to get it done.  NotND was released by Brain Damage Films, and directed by Junius Podrug.  This is his directorial debut, so let’s get into it and see if he has that beginner’s luck.

The movie centers around a B&B and Emma, the struggling writer that owns the place.  Between the freak storm that has shown up and David the obnoxious handyman not leaving her alone, she’s not having the most fun night.  But her night only gets weirder as a strange naked woman wanders in unannounced.  Concerned for her well-being, Emma let’s the woman, who goes by the name Veronica, stay the night.

But that’s not the end of the strange goings-on.  A man posing as a police officer is making his way to the B&B, killing people along the way.  As it happens, the fake cop and Veronica aren’t there by accident.  They both have a connection to the B&B, and it may prove deadly for Emma and David.

Night of the Naked Dead

Here is the only remotely creepy looking shot in the entire movie.

There’s no easy way for me to say this: this is not a good movie.  Well, ok.  That WAS pretty easy.  The acting was iffy, as was much of the line deliveries.  The so-called “storm” was an incredibly odd-looking light display that didn’t do anything for me.  The camerawork, while not that bad, had odd cuts every once in a while that left me scratching my head.  And the ending was just downright bizarre.

The characters were not very likable.  Emma and David spend most of the time together arguing and insulting each other, which makes the romantic angle at the end of the movie all the more illogical and forced.  David later on admits that he has a thing for Emma, but there is absolutely no sign that Emma has anything but contempt for David’s very existence.  I can see the two breaking up within a month in-story after the credits roll.

Night of the Naked Dead

“You’ve got red on you.” Sorry, I felt compelled to quote a much better movie with “Of The Dead” in the title.

About the “dead” in NotND.  It’s not completely clear what kind of dead they actually are.  They don’t appear to be ghosts, as they physically interact with everything they touch.  Neither do they appear to be zombies, as they look and act like perfectly healthy, rational people.  Yet as the story unfolds we learn that they are (or at least were) definitely dead.  The end credits list them as zombies, but they are the furthest thing from zombies I’ve ever seen.  Oh, and there’s a third “dead” person that enters a totally different house and plays with things.  It ends up having zero relevance to anything.

There’s really not much more to say.  If there was something, it’s not here because my brain is threatening to shut down.  So I may do an edit if it comes to me and I feel it’s important enough to add after.  I think, however, that you get my point.  Don’t waste your time watching Night of the Naked Dead.  There are other, better movies from Brain Damage Films you could watch.  Some of which I’ve previously reviewed, in fact.  I hope you appreciate the occasional suffering I endure to make sure you don’t share in the same fate.  Until next time, rest in peace.

Macabre Rating: 1 out of 5 tombstones

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