Necropolis News: Creepy Haunter GHOSTLIGHT Now Available on DVD

GhostlightCreepy Haunter Ghostlight Now Available on DVD

Brain Damage Films has just turned on the Ghostlight, a creepy ghost story sure to haunt viewers across North America.  The DVD is available at retailers including MovieStop, online including Amazon, or for rental at most Family Video locations.  Bonus features include a 75min Making-Of documentary, audio commentary, and Jeff Ferrell’s acclaimed short film Morella.  Ghostlight will also be available on all major VOD platforms starting early July.

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Godzilla (2014): A Macabre Review.

Godzilla 2014 PosterStarring Bryan Cranston, Aaron-Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe

Directed by Gareth Edwards

As a kid I grew up on Godzilla, the first one I watched being King Kong vs. Godzilla if I recall correctly.  From then on I was hooked.  Granted, some of the movies were not that great, but there was definitely some level of entertainment value in each one.  Then the 1998 Godzilla hit.  I don’t think I need to get into what that movie did to Godzilla fans, but I know my mental scars are pretty much faded away these days.

And then I had heard about a new American Godzilla movie in the works.  Naturally I was plenty worried about it.  Then the first trailer popped up.  I won’t deny that hearing the Godzilla scream at the end of the trailer gave me chills, and my worry immediately turned into excitement.  Like many fans of the King of the Monsters, I rewatched some of the old Toho classics in preparation for the theatrical release.  Then last night I sat down in the theater seat to soak in the awesomeness. Continue reading

Necropolis News: Official Release Date and Artwork for “POE: Project of Evil”

POE: Project of EvilOfficial Release Date and Artwork Reveal for “POE: Project of Evil”
Italian horror masters re-imagine 7 Edgar Allan Poe tales in this dark, twisted anthology coming to DVD and VOD in May. Continue reading