Necropolis Update: The site is moving!!!

Hello everyone.  For over a year the Necropolis Macabre has had it’s home here on WordPress.  And while things have gone ok here for the most part, I’ve felt like a change was needed.  Once upon a time I was part of another review site that was hosted by Blogger, and I seem to recall that site having more options in the way of creativity.  Not to mention that while I’ve gotten the hang of most of the basics of WordPress, Blogger is a little simpler in many ways, which is good for a guy like me who is not a grandmaster of all that is the technical aspects of website running.

So with that I decided that it was time for an experiment.  I’ve exported all my posts over to Blogger, and once I make the necessary alterations to my posts (the conversion did not keep things exactly as I originally posted them), I will make the site public and things will resume as normal.  Once it’s ready to go I will let make it known, and I will post the new link you can go to.  This should take less than a week to finish.  I appreciate every one of you for reading my reviews and news up to this point, and I hope you will continue to do so after the Necropolis Macabre returns.  Until then, rest in peace.