Necropolis News: Rip-Roaring Thriller “Shark Killer” on DVD July 20.

Shark KillerYour beach-ready body is about to be shark meat!

Violent, relentless and aways waiting for the kill, the deadliest terror of the sea returns this summer in rip-roaring thriller Shark Killer. Continue reading

Necropolis News: Robert Nolan joins the cast of “Deimosimine”.

DeimosimineVeteran actor jumps aboard the weirdness that is Deimosimine.

Deimosimine: the new feature horror film from LeglessCorpse Films is being directed by Chad Armstrong, from a script by Andrew Thompson. Deimosimine is a film that promises to bring the practical FX magic back to the horror film, featuring creatures, murder, blood, and gore. Continue reading

As Above, So Below (2014): A Macabre Review.

As Above, So BelowStarring Perdita Weeks, Ben Feldman, Edwin Hodge

Directed by John Erick Dowdle

Hello once again. After some consideration as to what I should review next, I thought maybe it’s time I delved back into the world of found footage.  But I didn’t want to review any old FF flick that I came across, which is why I chose As Above, So Below. Though I almost never trust trailers, the trailer for this particular flick did grab my attention, and so it made sense to me to take the plunge and see what came of it.  As Above, So Below is directed by John Erick Dowdle, who was involved in the making of such horror films as Quarantine, Quarantine 2 (as a writer), and Devil. With those movies under his bet, my optimism was somewhat raised.  Add to that the fact that the majority of the film was actually filmed in the Paris catacombs (which was apparently a first for any film crew) and it became a must watch for me.  But enough delay, let’s get into it. Continue reading

Necropolis News: “Society” on Blu-Ray and DVD June 8, 2015.

SocietySociety ArtworkDirector approved Blu-Ray and DVD digipack June 8, 2015.

It’s a matter of good breeding. Really.

Arrow Films is thrilled to announce the Blu-Ray and DVD release of the sordidly satirical 1989 body-horror Society, arriving on June 8, 2015. One of this year’s most talked about Arrow Video releases, Society makes it’s Blu-ray debut in the U.K. as an exclusive digipak featuring Blu-Ray, DVD and Society: Part Animal, the official comic book sequel. This exclusive set will be limited to a run of only 3000 copies and comes with a full color 24-page booklet, alongside a host of bonus features. Continue reading