The Shed (2015): Short Reviews for Short Films.

The ShedStarring Daniel Button, Heather Higginbotham, R. Daniel Long

Directed by Scott Dawson and David Sherbrook

Today I’m starting a new segment called “Short Reviews for Short Films”, which is pretty self-explanatory. For my first review I watched the short film The Shed, from Infested Films honchos Scott Dawson and David Sherbrook.  For those of you who might have missed it, these two gentlemen, along with Sean Canfield, also directed the horror anthology Dead on Appraisal, which I had previously reviewed some time back.  Feel free to click here if you missed that one.  Right now though, let’s talk some about The Shed.

Young couple Peter and Susan decide to take in a roommate, and wind up with Donald. Donald seems nice enough, but he has a weird and creepy vibe that Peter in particular finds off-putting. Donald is seen going outside making late night visits to the shed in the back yard, and eventually Peter and Susan decide to investigate.  What they find in the shed is unlike anything they could have expected.

The Shed was filmed to kick off the debut of Infested TV, a channel dedicated to producing and creating original horror, comedy, sci-fi, and genre content for horror fans everywhere.  It was shot in only two days, with no budget, and with a cast and crew of friends for the sheer fun of it.  And the fact that they had fun was very apparent, as it was reflected in the production.  The cast performance was well done, the character of Donald in particular being simultaneously funny and disturbing.

About 90% of the short was centered around the characters conversing and the buildup to what was discovered in the shed, and said discovery was very entertaining and worth the wait.  The next time you get 13 minutes to spare, I recommend you check out The Shed.  You can watch the film on YouTube here.  For any more information about Infested Films and Infested TV, you can go to the following sites:

That’s all until next time, folks. Rest in peace.

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