Necropolis Macabre Presents: The Halloween Retrospective Part 2


Well, here we are again.  Back when I was growing up on horror, the concept of watching horror series in order didn’t seem to be such an important detail.  I was just a kid who wanted to watch horror movies, period.  Halloween 2 wasn’t a movie I watched right away.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I watched part 4, part 5, and part 3 in that order before I even got around to watching part 2.  And it’s only been in the last year that I’ve actually gotten around to watching Halloween 2 again.  Being that I barely remembered what happened in it, it was almost like watching it again for the first time.  And today I’m going to review it with a (slightly) more mature mind and let you know what I think about it. Continue reading

Necropolis Macabre Presents: The Halloween Retrospective Part 1


This is it!!  it’s finally October, and the countdown to Halloween has truly begun.  And what kind of blog would I be running if I didn’t do something to celebrate one of our favorite times of the year.  So this October, I’m going to take the time to look back at one of the most popular horror series ever, which has one of the most iconic horror villain of all time: Michael Myers. Continue reading