Memphis Hoodoo Murders (2015): Gravedigger’s Book Report.

Memphis Hoodoo MurdersWritten by Kathryn Rogers

Published by Sartoris Literary Group

I’ve been doing an awful lot of reading lately, as it’s been quite a while since I’ve done so.  One of those books being the one I’m about to talk about today, Memphis Hoodoo Murders.  My thanks go out to Kelsey at Book Publicity Services and Kathryn Rogers for the copy of her debut novel.

The story revolves around Addie Jackson, a twenty-year old college student who has spent much of her life living with, and taking care of, her grandparents Louie and June Jackson.  The book is written in the first-person perspective of Addie, so you’ll be better off knowing the grandparents as Grandma and Pop.  The family have a history of being on the bad side of people, and after being attacked by the local gang The Skullbangerz, Addie herself is now not safe.  When Addie is told by the gang leader that he wants her grandma’s ring, this adds on to the already swirling mystery surrounding the senior Jacksons.  Continue reading